Domenech drags losing streak into bedroom

Former French coach Raymond Domenech, still reeling from his team's failure to reach the quarterfinals and his subsequent release from the team, has also had a run of bad luck in his social life. His marriage proposal to Estelle, his girlfriend and the mother of his child, was finally turned down after she hesitated for nearly 48 hours. Fans in France even created a Facebook group called "Tell him no," when news of the proposal broke.

Muslims, Croats clash in Bosnia after match

The dramatic match between Turkey and Croatia led to clashes in Mostar, Bosnia, between Muslim supporters of Turkey and ethnic Croats in which dozens of people were hospitalized. Four police officers were among the injured, one of them in serious condition. Hundreds of fans from both sides clashed in the city center armed with stones and bottles, smashing car windshields and rearview mirrors. Over a thousand police officers and security personnel were called to the scene to separate the rioters, using tear gas and clubs.

Dozens hurt as guns blaze across Turkey

Twenty-three people were injured in Turkey from gunshots fired in the air to celebrate the national team's victory over Croatia (3-1 on penalty shots after a 1-1 draw). Eleven of the injuries occurred in Istanbul, and 12 others - including a 10-year-old girl and an elderly woman - were injured in seven other cities. Some 54 people have been detained in connection with the incidents. Injuries sustained in such incidents are common in Turkey - 700 people have been hurt in the same fashion in the past decade, some 30 of them in soccer-related circumstances.

Klose, Toni put money where their cleats are

"I scored my goal, now it's time for Luca Toni to match the bet," said Germany's Miroslav Klose on Friday, a day after scoring against Portugal. The German striker revealed that he had bet with his Bayern Munich teammate over who would score more goals in the tournament. "I sent him an SMS after the game and he answered me that he's having a few problems with his best friend, the ball, but that now he had more motivation to score because of my goal," Klose said about the Italian striker.