English Teacher Guilty of Affair With Student, 17

An English teacher in Rehovot was convicted yesterday of having a three-month affair with her 17-year-old student.

She was sentenced in the Rehovot Magistrate's Court to six months of community service.

The charges included indecent acts with a minor and abusing her position as a teacher. The court found the teacher also made threats against the student and a friend of his who knew about the affair. Both students are to be paid financial compensation over the threats.

The court found that the teacher regularly drove the student home at the end of the school day. They sometimes had sex in her car, and sometimes in a rented room or the home of a female friend of the student's who had previously been in the teacher's class. The friend used her cell phone to take pictures of the two kissing, and rumors spread of the affair.

The teacher and her husband are accused of threatening the friend if she did not erase the pictures form her phone.

The husband has also been charged with making threats, but the court agreed to have him evaluated by probation officials to consider whether he should be convicted. The husband is a career military officer, and a conviction could result in the loss of his job.

The prosecution has agreed that if he is convicted, it will support his request for a suspended sentence, community service and financial compensation rather than jail time.