Netanyahu: 'I Feel the Support of the Entire Israeli People'

Moments before take-off on a flight to New York, where he will address the UN, Netanyahu reiterates his mission: Weve overcome enemies in the past; well overcome this one too.

Just as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boarded his post-Yom Kippur flight to New York, he re-stated the goals of his journey to the United Nations.

The people are united in their demand that Iran not achieve nuclear weapons. Im traveling to the UN to speak there in the name of the people. We have overcome many enemies in the past, and well overcome this one too, said Netanyahu.

Im traveling to the UN to speak in the name of all Israeli citizens, and I feel the support of the entire people when I face the rest of the world. We are united in our efforts for peace, and ensuring the safety of the people of Israel, continued the Prime Minister.

Earlier on Wednesday, The Prime Ministers Office released a letter from Netanyahu, in response to a speech made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN on Tuesday.

 "History proves that whoever wants to erase us from the map fails in that task, read the letter.

Despite Netanyahu's harsh response, Ahmadinejad's speech did not in fact directly address Israel or call for its disappearance or destruction. The Iranian president did, however, address the Israeli government's threats to strike the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.

"Arms race and intimidation by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass-destruction by the hegemonic powers have become prevalent," stated Ahmadinejad. "Continued threat by the uncivilized Zionists to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bitter reality."

Addressing Ahmadinejad's statements, Netanyahu highlighted the fact that they were made on Yom Kippur. "On the day on which we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, the stage was given to the tyrannical regime of Iran which seeks at every opportunity to sentence us to death," wrote Netanyahu.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, August 14, 2012.