Emotions Run High as Twins Go on Trial for Killing Boy

The trial of the twin-brothers accused of murdering 7-year-old Leon Kalantarov in December began yesterday at the Petah Tikva District Court. The parents of the victim, Arthur and Yana Kalantarov, arrived at the court with photographs of their son, crying as they held them.

"I will burn them with my eyes, and they know it - they feel it," Arthur Kalantarov told the media, referring to the two defendants Naor and Adir Sudmi. "It is killing us, it is not only difficult for us, it is killing me. I need the strength not to jump at their throat and butcher them on the spot."

Victim's father: 'Blood on their hands'

Calling out to the two brothers, the father dared them to look him in the eye and accused them of having his son's blood on their hands. "Do you not see the blood on your hands? I feel it," he told them.

When the parents of the defendants were asked by the media whether they want to say something to the parents of Leon Kalantarov, Meir Sudmi said: "Yes. I want to say that I am deeply pained and saddened."

Arthur Kalantarov, unable to control himself, suddenly burst out with a cry of "shut up."

"He should have spoken to his children when they were still young," Kalantarov said. "Who knows what he did to them," insinuating that the twins had been abused by their father.

During the court deliberations the brothers were remanded to custody until further notice. Further deliberations on their remand will be held on March 15 and the court ruled that the two will have to respond to the charges against them by April 14.

Attorney Yaron Forer, who is defending the brothers, told the court that the brothers have been mistreated since they were introduced to the general prison population, and asked that they be isolated.

However the court left the matter up to the discretion of the jail warden.

According to the indictment, the 23-year old brothers murdered Kalantarov on December 31 after sexually abusing him.

They allegedly enticed him to enter their home while their mother was asleep in the home.

They then allegedly strangled him, wrapped him in plastic bags and bed covers, taped him up and hid the body under the bed.

At about 11:20 that night, police came to their home with a photo of Leon Kalantarov asking whether they had seen him, but they said they did not know him. By 2:30 A.M. the police returned to their home and found the body.

The prosecution says that semen was found on the body of the child, belonging to one or both brothers. Identical twins have identical genetic makeup.

The child's clothes were also found in the room.

The indictment states that the two brothers have allegedly committed other sexual offenses against other minors.

Furer claimed that the brothers are mentally disabled and asked that they undergo examination.