Emmanuel Council Head: Dan Lied About Buses

The Dan bus cooperative misled Emmanuel residents and violated an agreement with the town to provide bulletproof buses, Issachar Frankenthal, chairman of the Emmanuel local council, charged yesterday.

Frankenthal said that according to an agreement reached with Dan just two weeks ago, the bus that was blown up Wednesday night, which leaves Bnei Brak at 4:15 P.M., should have been bulletproof.

Frankenthal said he waged a "protracted war" with Dan on the matter, "and in the end it was agreed that at certain hours, there would be ordinary buses, and at other hours, the buses would be bulletproof." On the basis of this agreement, the local council distributed a flyer to residents telling them which buses would be bulletproof.

In response, Dan spokesman Yitzhak Kagan said that Frankenthal "is not telling the truth. No one at Dan promised him anything of the sort. When I asked him who made that promise, he didn't know how to answer me."