El Al Pilot Who Flew Unlicensed Cessna Grounded for Months

An El Al pilot, who was caught flying passengers in a light airplane for which he holds no license, has had his pilots license suspended and will be grounded for the next nine months.

An El Al pilot was caught flying passengers in a light airplane for which he holds no license, according to sources who spoke exclusively to Haaretz. His pilot license was suspended, and he has been grounded for the next nine months. According to reports, El Al is now evaluating the pilot's future with the airline.

A Cessna plane. The pilot’s license was revoked for nine months.

The pilot's transgression came to light when Civil Aviation Authority inspectors were examining the Cessna light aircraft this week. After finding technical issues with the plane, they also found that the pilot did not possess a valid license to fly passengers on such an aircraft. He was let off with a warning, but a subsequent review found that he continued flying passengers on the Cessna plane.

The Civil Aviation Authority took a strong stance on the matter, as the pilot's transgressions put his passengers at risk. His license was immediately suspended, for the relatively extended duration of nine months.

El Al said in a statement that it views the matter very seriously, and is investigating the implications of the pilot's conduct, despite his transgression taking place outside of his working hours with the company.

"The suspension of his license by the Civil Aviation Authority means he cannot serve among El Al air crews until it is restored," the company's statement said. "How the case will be handled from here will depend on the findings of the investigation."