Eight Family Members Killed in Road Accident in Northern Israel

Family car overturns near Tiberias after having problem with brakes; seven-year-old girl is only survivor.

Eight family members were killed in a road accident early on Tuesday morning, when a car overturned near Tiberias, northern Israel. A seven-year-old girl who was thrown from the window of the vehicle when it overturned was moderately injured and taken to Poriya Hospital, and later transferred to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

The accident apparently took place after a large family car, which was carrying nine passengers, had a problem with its brakes at the western entrance to the city. The driver lost control of the car, which then crossed into traffic lanes of the opposition direction, rolled downhill off the side of the road and burst into flames.

Six children and their parents were killed in the accident, according to an Army Radio report. Army Radio also reported that the driver of the vehicle called the police prior to the accident, when he realized that the brakes of his car were not working.

Tiberias rescue worker Gilad Chanon said that upon arrival at the scene, rescue workers saw a girl lying injured on the ground far from the car and immediately gave her first aid. He said the car had already burst into flames and the remaining members of the family were trapped inside. The car rolled some 50 meters and was totally burned, with nothing left of the vehicle, said Chanan, adding, Sadly, we could not rescue anyone from the car."

Magen David Adom paramedic Eyal Ben Moshe, who treated the girl who survived the accident, said that she had told him: I dont know how we got into this situation, I tried to wake my parents, but they wouldnt get up. I was scared to close my eyes because it was dark outside.

Army Radio reported that Initial police investigations show the breaks on the car were worn out, raising questions as to how the car passed a roadworthy test only three months earlier.

On Saturday, four family members were injured when a fire-fighters truck overturned on a car in Kfar Sava. The parents were critically injured, while the two children – aged two and five-years-old - were seriously injured.

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Rescue workers stand by the fatal accident in Tiberias, May 22, 2012.
Gil Eliyahu
The scene of the accident near Tiberias, Tuesday, May 22, 2012.
Eli Ashkenazi