Egypt's Foreign Minister Calls for Global Effort Against Jihadist Barbarism

Shoukri's remarks echo recent comments by U.S.'s Kerry and Saudi King Abdullah.


Egypt's foreign minister called on the world community to unite against what he called the barbarism of jihadist groups in the Middle East.

During a visit to Paris, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri told AFP that the international approach he calls for requires "all the different elements required to fight this phenomenon: political, military and social."

His remarks echoed those of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who on Saturday called for an international coalition against Islamic State and what he called its "genocidal agenda."

And Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah similarly warned on Saturday that terror groups will attack Europe and the U.S. unless they are met with collective power and speed from the international community.

To AFP's question of whether Egypt would consider military intervention against the extremist groups, Shoukri said that his country would support a decision by the international community after a United Nations Security Council resolution.

"Each country will have a role to play, but it's still to early to know what," he said.

And the official told AFP he was confident that the Israeli-Palestinian talks that Egypt is brokering would end in a lasting agreement. Israel's seven-week conflict with Hamas ended August 26 in a cease-fire.