Education Minister Plans Weekly School Visits

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar is planning to visit a different school every week in order to meet with students and teachers, and teach classes.

Today Sa'ar will visit the Ironi Tet School in South Tel Aviv and will give a 10th-grade lesson about Theodor Herzl. He will teach history and civics in upcoming visits.

Yesterday Sa'ar called teachers the "forefront of education," and said teaching was the "most important calling."

"For me, [the school visits are] the way to convey this message as well as to get to know the system up close," he said.

By teaching, he intends to experience what teachers do and to interact directly with the students.

At a ceremony yesterday welcoming a new ministry director general, Sa'ar called for increasing the education budget.

"This is the best investment in the national future. We are facing important decisions regarding the state budget for 2009 to 2010, which will dramatically influence the ability of the education system to deal with the challenges ahead," he said.