Education Min. Slaps Ban on Construction Work During School Year

The Education Ministry announced yesterday, following the arrest of a subcontractor for the murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada in the bathroom of her Katzrin school, that no construction work or renovations will be carried out in or around schools during the school year.

Instead, the ministry said, any necessary work should be done when students are on vacation.

The ministry is also investigating the legalities of examining the criminal past of all those who work at schools, not just that of teachers, camp counselors or security guards, as is done today.

Education Ministry director general Shmuel Abuav said that schools will only be permitted to carry out construction or renovations during the school year if they are urgently needed or when an addition is being added on to the school building.

In such a case, "there are clear instructions to block off the construction area with a fence and prevent construction workers from going into the school, so that they will not turn into construction sites," said Abuav. "In all other instances, the work must be carried out during vacations."