Edgar Bronfman Accuses EU of Encouraging anti-Semitism

NEWYORK - A charge that the European Union is encouraging anti-Semitism for political reasons was one of the statements made in an article by Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), that appears today in the Financial Times.

In the article, Bronfman said that the European Union was guilty of anti-Semitism both by action and inaction. Bronfman said that the EU was hiding the fact that most of the world's violent anti-Semitic acts occuring outside Israel took place in Western Europe, an action that "reeked of intellectual dishonesty and moral treachery."

Bronfman also wrote that the EU "first released a flawed and dangerously inflammatory poll which purported to name Israel the greatest threat to world peace. Then it canceled a study commissioned by its own monitoring center that reported on the involvement of Muslim minorities in incidents of mounting European anti-Semitism."

"Let us not mince words," Bronfman continued. "Both of these actions were politically motivated, demonstrating a failure of real decency. The Talmud teaches that silence implies agreement, and that is why we will not rest until every European parliamentarian, member state, and intergovernmental body has a copy of this report in their hands."

"Democracies are not judged by how they treat current or future majorities," Bronfman asserted, "but by how they treat their minorities."

Bronfman's article appeared as part of a comprehensive plan of action by the WJC against anti-Semitism in Europe. A WJC delegation is set to meet next week with Jewish community activists in France and Great Britain to discuss ways of stopping anti-Semitism.