Man Who Would Be U.K.'s First Jewish PM to Visit Israel

Labour Party head Ed Miliband's first major official visit abroad will take place in the next three months, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

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Ed Miliband, the head of the British Labour Party, will make an official visit to Israel within the next 3 months, the Jewish Chronicle reported Friday.

The opposition leader's visit would be his first major official visit abroad, taking place one year ahead of the next general elections in the U.K.. Miliband would become Britain's first Jewish prime minister if Labour wins.

According to the report, sources say that Miliband, who is Jewish, has been working hard over recent months to engage with Britain's Jewish community and understand its concerns.

In October last year, Miliband's father, Ralph, a prominent Marxist academic who arrived in Britain as a 16-year-old fleeing the Nazi conquest of his native Belgium, was the subject of a controversial and blistering feature in the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper entitled, "The Man Who Hated Britain."

Left-wing commentators and politicians ripped into the newspaper, and Miliband defended his father's love for his adopted homeland in his own Daily Mail op-ed, but the piece didn't cause the opposition leader too much damage.  

British Labor party leader Ed Miliband arrived in Israel April 10, 2014.Credit: Reuters