Ecuador President Tweets 'Heil Hitler!' in Response to Critic

Rafael Correa, who accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza last year, has long used social media to insult rivals.

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Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, listens during an interview in Portoviejo, Ecuador, June 29, 2013.Credit: Bloomberg

Ecuador's president on Thursday responded to a critic who called him a fascist by tweeting "Heil Hitler!"

Rafael Correa took office in 2007 and has since then strengthened his countries ties with Venezuela and Iran while distancing Ecuador from the United States.

Last year he called off a scheduled trip to Israel, accusing it and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of committing "genocide" against the Palestinians in Gaza.

"Ecuador was the first South American country to withdraw its ambassador from Israel and we must continue denouncing this genocide," the president said at the time. "We have obviously canceled our trip after these events."

Correa earlier this year launched an initiative to confront critics on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, according to the Huffington Post.

According to the report, Correa's government created a virtual community that includes a section for publishing the names, photographs and Twitter handles of people who insult him or other officials.

However, Correa has often used his own Twitter account to insult political rivals, whom he calls "the poisoned ones."

He posted his first tweet in 2011, according to the Latin America News Dispatch, which said it read: “Hello Everyone, I’m in a meeting more boring than dancing with the mother-in-law, later I’ll write, I love you all very much, especially the poisoned ones!”