Dubai Police Chief Jabs Dagan: Be a Man and Admit Israel's Role

The Dubai chief of police called on Mossad director Meir Dagan to "be a man" and admit that Israel's espionage agency was behind the assassination of a high-profile Hamas operative last month.

In an interview yesterday with the Dubai-based Khaleej Times newspaper, the police chief, Dahi Khalfan Tamim, reaffirmed that his office holds a DNA sample from one of the assailants and fingerprints from several others.

"Most of the suspects in the assassination of Mabhouh are now in Israel," Tamim said.

He added that an international investigative team should be set up comprising representatives of the five nations whose passports were allegedly fraudulently used in the operation.

"If it emerges that the Mossad carried out this assassination, then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Dagan will be at the top of the most wanted list," Tamim said. He said Dubai's cooperation with the five Western states on the matter is "serious and comprehensive."

U.K. investigators bring inquiry to Israel

Two investigators from the United Kingdom are in Israel to question the 11 dual British-Israeli citizens whose identities were used, according to UAE authorities, in the Dubai operation.

Officials at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv said the investigators arrived at the facility Monday, but have yet to speak to any of the individuals involved because none arrived to take out new passports.

A high-ranking Israeli official said the British government had informed Jerusalem ahead of time about the investigators' arrival, but Israel's Foreign Ministry said it had not received any formal request to meet with police or any other Israeli law-enforcement body.

The Foreign Ministry did not voice opposition to the investigators' visit, the Israel official said, because of Jerusalem's friendly ties with Britain and the fact that the individuals involved are U.K. citizens.

"When we made contact with the British passport holders and invited them to come to receive new passports, we told them investigators would want to speak with them," British Embassy officials said. "We told them they're not suspected of anything, that we just want to gather testimony."