Driver Held for Sex at the Wheel

Police arrested a 28-year-old Petah Tikva man for drunk driving late Friday after he was caught driving erratically while allegedly having sex with his girlfriend.

A breathalyzer test found that the driver had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit.

Police stopped the car after noticing the driver veering from lane to lane on Highway 471 toward Petah Tikva.

The man said the woman in the car was his 24-year-old girlfriend. He told the police he was driving erratically because the woman was blocking his view of the road.

The police impounded the car for 30 days and the driver has been ordered to appear before a traffic court this morning, where his license will be suspended.

Over recent years, the police have beefed up alcohol inspections on the highway, focusing on the region around Tel Aviv. Officers are especially on the lookout during weekends and over holidays.

During these periods, teenagers and adults between 20 and 40 are often behind the wheel after drinking at the many clubs and bars in Tel Aviv and its suburbs.