Double Shooting, Suicide Bid Stun Quiet Neighborhood

A day after the shocking murder in which Konstantin Teplinsky shot his friend Andrei Matosov to death, shot and critically injured his wife Anastasia, and then shot himself in the head, Teplinsky's medical condition is described as critical.

In the building on Nahalat Zvi Street in Petah Tikva where the murder took place, neighbors are having a difficult time recovering from the terrifying events that occurred late Tuesday night in their quiet neighborhood.

The preliminary police investigation found that Tuesday night, while Teplinsky was on duty at his job as a security guard, he told his wife, who was in the process of divorcing him, that he was coming to visit her in her apartment. Anastasia, who feared what might happen if he came, called friends and asked them to immediately come over.

Reports indicate that when Teplinsky arrived, the couple had an argument and asked the two guests to wait outside on the street and let them work the matter out between themselves. However, while the two were waiting by the entrance to the building, Konstantin drew his gun, which he was licensed to carry as a security guard, and shot his wife. Their friend Matosov, 28, from Ramat Gan, rushed back into the apartment but Teplinsky shot him in the head when he entered and officials say he died on the spot.

Konstantin, then, attempted to kill himself.

Matosov's wife waited outside, but upon hearing the shots called the police. Within minutes, large numbers of police arrived as well as a Magen David Adom mobile intensive care unit.

The condition of both Konstantin and Anastasia improved yesterday, and she was repertedly able to speak to police investigators and describe what happened in the apartment.

Her husband is still in critical condition and regained consciousness for only a few minutes yesterday.

In light of his medical condition, police are waiting to ask the court to remand him as they continue their investigation.