Dorner: Blau Should Return Documents, but Not Be Arrested

Israel Press Council president Dalia Dorner called upon Haaretz reporter Uri Blau to return the military documents he received from Anat Kam, a former soldier who is now on trial. Dorner, a retired Supreme Court justice, also demanded that Blau not be arrested or tried.

A statement in Dorner's name on the council's Web site said she is "examining with concern the potential implications of the case involving documents leaked from the GOC central commander's office." The statement said she is concerned that developments in the case may harm the foundations of Israeli journalism. "The arrest of a journalist for receiving documents from a source in the course of his work could intimidate the press in Israel, cause damage to an important tool for a reporter and seriously harm Israel's image as a country where freedom of expression and of the press are guiding principles," it said.