Don't Call the Israeli Left anti-Zionist

'Zionism' is starting to be considered an ideological deviance because of rotten people who take its name in vain.

They estimate that the number of participants in the demonstrations in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah was 3,000; and they stress that for a long time, no one has seen such a large protest here. Yallah! We have a fight.

Two flags were raised at the demonstration, one Israeli and one Palestinian. I'm not a big fan of flags; I always ask myself what is amusing them on top of the mast. After all, there is no crime scene - a war crime or crime against humanity - which has no flag flying above it.

The same goes for national anthems. It once happened to me that the national anthem was being played and I stood to attention. Afterward I discovered that someone had used the opportunity to pickpocket me. I learned to be cautious.

But there is a difference between not waving a flag and folding up a flag that has been waved so as to not offend. And there is a difference between no flags at all and only one flag. Had I been at the demonstration and had I had the urge for flags, I would have waved them both - the Israeli flag alongside the Palestinian flag.

In the narrow space where the purists of the left stand, far-leftists have no room. There is no space for all of them and they have to push the deviants out.

Even "Zionism" is starting to be considered an ideological deviance because many not so good people take its name in vain, and despicable acts are committed in its name. We are not part of them.

Indeed, it is not aging gracefully, that Zionism. Nevertheless we don't want to chase it out of the house simply because there are horrible people who also claim it as their mother, smear it in make-up and make it a laughing stock.

They are the Zionists and we are the anti-Zionists; but if we are the Zionists then they are the anti-Zionists. And why should we concede ground and make happy those who dismay us?

We have not given up on Israel as a democratic country, even though it does not defend itself as much as it should and it helps those who wish it evil. And the socialists among us have not given up on their beliefs simply because Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the hedonist, is a vice president of the Socialist International.

And I have not forgone the Bible simply because the covetous prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu places it next to himself and reads the Book of Joshua from left to right.

And I also do not plan to forgo Zionism. I define myself by myself and not by my enemies. They are not the ones who choose my flags.

The Israeli left is by and large Zionist, and those who have abandoned it are a mere handful. Anyone who is still struggling for an end to the occupation of the areas of Palestine and the Golan Heights, for a withdrawal to the borders of 1967 and for the division of Jerusalem into two capitals is my ally.

And when, upon our return to Zion, our eyes behold the Palestinians and ourselves with mercy, we shall get to the root of the original sin from 1948, which was a necessity not to be condemned but now needs to be mended as much as possible.

Indeed the fate of Jaffa is not the fate of Sheikh Jarrah - a comparison of that kind is a recipe for an eternal war. But nevertheless it is essential that Israel recognize the injustice that was done. I recognize it and am prepared to participate in healing the open wound.