DJ Fined NIS 10,000 for Using Wedding Photo in Ad

A disc jockey who used a wedding picture of a couple in an advertisement without their permission must pay them NIS 10,000 in compensation, the Petah Tikva small claims court ruled last week.

The couple only discovered that their wedding picture was being used after a friend received the flyer from the deejay at a pub party, prompting him to call the couple and ask if they had started modeling.

They contacted the deejay, who refused to tell them how he got the picture and added that he had no intention of destroying the 5,000 flyers he had already printed. He then offered to play for free at one event of the couple's choosing, but they refused.

When the deejay continued to refuse to destroy the flyer, the couple sued. "We have no desire to see the happiest day of our lives used as an advertisement," they wrote in the suit. "We feel that we have been seriously wronged."

"I feel like someone stole my wedding album for profit," the woman later told the court. "We certainly never gave anyone permission for anything of the sort." After presenting their claims to the court, the sides agreed that the judge should arbitrate. That resulted in the deejay being told to pay the couple NIS 10,000.