Disgruntled Client Held for Sending Call Girls to Bank CEO

A Kiryat Malakhi man was arrested last month for allegedly sending call girls and dozens of pizzas to the home of Mizrahi-Tefahot CEO Eli Yones - all because his local branch of the bank refused to approve his loan. Sharon Sharabi, 25, was arrested two weeks ago and released after being held several days. Police officials say they will recommend an indictment. Sharabi denies the allegations.

Police say the branch turned down Sharabi's loan request because he had previously attempted to obtain funds from the bank using fraud. Following the refusal, police say, Sharabi called Yones' office hundreds of times. When his calls were ignore he made hundreds of calls to Yones' mobile phone and to his Jerusalem home.

Sharabi allegedly followed the phone harassment by ordering dozens of pizzas at a time to be sent to Yones' home address. When the pizzas were followed by two call girls, Yones filed a police complaint.

After his arrest Sharabi he admitted having some problems at the bank, but denied ordering pizzas and call girls to the CEO's house. He claimed he was mentally ill, but a psychiatrist pronounced him fit for trial.

Police noted that threats are a serious offense, and said that had Sharabi not been arrested he might have gone on to more violent tactics.