Despite Death Threat, Judge's Address Is Still Posted Online

The address and phone number of a Tel Aviv District Court judge receiving death threats are listed on a publicly accessible Web site, despite fresh threats and the heavy guard allocated to him, Haaretz has learned.

Judge George Karra's protection has been boosted in the past few days, with security forces allocating him additional bodyguards and further increasing police patrols near his home.

He has had a bodyguard assigned to him since 2006, after convicting 15 members of the same family of crimes including blackmail.

However, Karra's personal details, including his address and phone number, are still readily available on an unrestricted Web site providing information services. The police declined to comment on security arrangements, but confirmed that they have been stepped up recently. The Courts Administration declined to comment.

"As a private person, your life is over the minute you are threatened," Karra said in an earlier interview. "You are guarded 24 hours a day, you lose your privacy, you can't do anything on your own."

"You can't even listen to your favorite music in your car anymore," he said. "It's not very convenient."

The threats began in 2006, when Karra convicted 15 members of the Hariri family of conspiracy to commit a crime, blackmail, firing a weapon and a number of other offenses, and handed out sentences of 14 to 15 years in prison.

Family members of the accused heckled the judge while the sentences were being read, and he was escorted home by court security.

Karra received death threats, and the police and court security assigned him a personal bodyguard and a guard near his home.

He also has his car checked daily for explosives, and police patrols of his neighborhood were increased.