Despite Calm, No Goods at Karni on Sunday

Despite the terms of the temporary truce, goods will not be allowed through the Karni border crossing in Gaza on Sunday, according to a senior official from the Israel Airports Authority.

Under the tahadiyeh agreement, shipments of seeds, cement, metal, beef and fuel are to enter the Gaza Strip through the Karni crossing from the beginning of next week. However, the official said it will take at least several days for Karni to become operational again, after being abandoned a year ago. The staff have been under defense establishment orders not to go there.

Furthermore, computers, cameras and other security equipment have to be reinstalled, and personnel recruited. No operational decisions have been made regarding opening Karni next week, the official added.

Since the siege on the Gaza Strip began, only seeds and fuel have been allowed to pass through Karni. The private company running the operation, Karni Cargo Center, charged NIS 500 per shipment, which was effected through a chain of trucks and other vehicles.