Dershowitz Slams Illegitimate' ICJ

NEW YORK - The International Court of Justice in The Hague is an illegitimate tribunal that lacks authority, legal expert Prof. Alan Dershowitz said yesterday in response to Friday's advisory opinion about the separation fence.

"This is an institution that relies on judges from countries which lack independent systems of justice, and it does not represent values of justice in a democracy," Dershowitz said. The Harvard law professor claimed that the advisory opinion "exposed the illegitimacy of The Hague court," and added that Israel "relates too seriously to international institutions, including The Hague court."

He said the term "international" is a misnomer. "This court is founded from the start on discrimination. A state like Israel has no chance of being represented on this tribunal, just as it has no prospect of being chosen to serve on the UN Security Council." The ICJ is like a court in Mississippi in the 1930s, he said. "When a black man appeared in a Mississippi court, the verdict in his case was a forgone conclusion."