Dershowitz Comes to the Defense of Appel

Renowned U.S. attorney Alan Dershowitz will serve as an external legal advisor to attorney Moshe Israel, who is representing businessman David Appel in his trial on charges of bribing senior public sector officials. Dershowitz will not be able to appear in court as he is not licensed by the Israel Bar Association, but Appel's defense team will seek the advice of the Harvard professor from time to time.

Dershowitz - an expert in criminal law who is currently in Israel to give a series of lectures and promote his book, "The Case for Israel," which deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - met a few days ago with Israel and Appel and agreed to serve as an external counsel in the case. The approach to him stemmed from the need for a specialist in criminal law due to the scope of the case and in light of various legal issues touching on the violation of the basic rights of an accused individual.

Dershowitz will meet again with Israel and Appel in the coming days; following his return to the United States, he will offer his counsel from there.

Speaking last night at the Konrad Adenauer Conference Center in Jerusalem, Dershowitz said groups such as B'Tselem that investigate only Israel and the territories should not call themselves "human rights" organizations because this conveys the impression that Israel is a major human-rights violator in comparison with other countries.