Ambassador's Tweet Mocks the White House on Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

Super Bowl tweet poked fun at the White House claim that Congress had violated protocol in inviting Netanyahu to speak on Iran.

Olivier Fitoussi

Israel's ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, appeared to mock the White House on Sunday when he tweeted "Breaking Protocol, Choosing Sides: Go Patriots" just before the Super Bowl.

White House officials have accused House Speaker John Boehner of committing "a breach of protocol" in arranging for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress without first informing the Obama administration.

Boehner had worked closely with Dermer in arranging the visit, which is due to take place just two weeks before the Israeli elections in March.

Not all of Twitter space agreed with Dermer's humor. "If only he was as good at growing bipartisan support for Israel as mocking it," was one Twitter response quoted by The Mediaite website.

Obama has declined to meet with Netanyahu during his visit on the grounds that the timing is too close to the elections.

The White House has also criticized Dermer personally. The New York Times last week quoted an unnamed administration official as saying that the ambassador was prioritizing Netanyahu's political interests over Israel's relationship with the United States.

Netanyahu is due to speak to Congress on Iran's nuclear program and is expected to push for additional sanctions, which is contrary to the administration's efforts to convince lawmakers to hold off on passing new sanctions on Iran.