Delays at Ben-Gurion, Snow on the Hermon and Schools Closed in the Golan

The stormy weather will continue today, with snow expected in places that are more than 700 meters above sea level - possibly even including the Negev hills. This evening, the snow may extend to lower areas as well, such as the Carmel and Nazareth hills.

Strong winds, ranging in force from 50 to 100 kilometers an hour, will also continue today, and it will be unseasonably cold.

The bad weather is expected to continue through tomorrow, but will start clearing up on Friday.

At the minute, incoming and outgoing flights are slated to take place as scheduled, but the poor weather conditions may cause delays. Yesterday, there were delays of up to an hour at Ben-Gurion International Airport, and one plane was forced to turn around and land in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Domestic flights also experienced delays, and the Ayit airline canceled all its flights to and from Rosh Pina.

Yesterday's heavy rains produced a slight improvement in the country's water shortage. The rainfall was heaviest in the North, where some 47 millimeters had fallen by early evening.

The center of the country, in contrast, received relatively little rain: In Tel Aviv, for instance, only 12 millimeters had fallen by early evening.

Snow fell on Mount Hermon yesterday. It was not yet enough to permit the ski season to open, but the next two days are expected to make up the shortfall.

Snow also fell on Majdal Shams, in the Golan Heights, forcing schools to close early. The town also suffered periodic power cuts, making it hard for residents to cope with the bitter cold.

There were occasional power outages in the lower Galilee and the Jordan Valley as well.

Despite the heavy rains, many streambeds remained dry yesterday. Erez Kama, of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, explained that because the earth is so dry, it absorbed all of yesterday's rainfall.

This afternoon, however, the streams are expected to start flowing again.

In the Mediterranean Sea, the waves are expected to reach heights of five to seven meters today.