Defense Ministry Locks Out Non-staff After Review

Committee established after Harpaz affair presents critical report to the ministry’s senior staff, detailing the flaws that were uncovered.

A committee headed by Brig. Gen. ‏(res.‏) Shmuel Tzuker completed in February an internal probe into the conduct of the Defense Ministry on issues pertaining to the Harpaz affair. The committee presented the highly critical report to the ministry’s senior staff, detailing the flaws that were uncovered as well as a series of recommendations for sweeping steps that aim at preventing a repetition of the problems that emerged.

Among the recommendations, first published here:

Boaz Harpaz
Ilan Assayag

b Sweeping changes in the security arrangements at the Defense Ministry. The committee found that many people who are not employed at the ministry move freely inside the ministry’s compound. “People will no longer be able to move without supervision,” security sources told Haaretz.

b Particular problems emerged during the investigation about the supervision of security-related procurement and sales, and shortcomings were uncovered in defense exports. Structural changes are being considered.

b Lack of supervision of outlay of funds in sensitive areas, stemming from the reluctance of external elements to intervene in the issue. Regulations are currently being established on the matter.

b Major concerns emerged about the behavior of persons of different ranks and positions. Their conduct is still being investigated, and in some cases the police and the Shin Bet security service are involved. ‏