Palestinian Official: Jewish Settlers Deface West Bank School

'Death to Arabs' sprayed alongside Star of David in what appears to be the third racially motivated incident this week, Maan reports.

B'Tselem, Salma a-Dabai

Jewish settlers reportedly defaced a West Bank school with racist graffiti, in what would be the third racially motivated attack this week.

Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian official in charge of settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Palestinian news agency Maan that a number of settlers from Yitzhar spray-painted "Death to Arabs" next to a Star of David at the entrance to a school in the West Bank village of Orif, south of Nablus.

On Wednesday, a mosque in the West Bank village of Kafr Jab'a, near Bethlehem was torched. A building belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem was set on fire and vandalized early on Thursday.

Douglas accused the right-wing Israeli government of exacerbating tensions ahead of the upcoming elections, saying the arson incidents and the school attack were direct results of its "incitement."