Dealers Who Targeted Teens Arrested

Two men from Haifa are being held on suspicion of selling drugs to over 100 local youngsters. Sagi Siovitz, 27, and an unnamed 19-year old soldier, allegedly sold drugs in the Haifa, krayot and Zichron Yaakov areas.

Over 100 youths aged 15-18 have been questioned since the investigation began in September. They have admitted taking drugs in schools, public parks and at home.

The soldier is being held by the Military Police on charges of being AWOL, while Siovitz was remanded by the Haifa Magistrates Court yesterday for three days.

The investigation began after the police's youth department received intelligence reports. The police searched a number of houses and found drugs and plants being grown for narcotics. They also seized a number of computers which revealed Internet and ICQ messaging communications between the two alleged dealers and the youths.

The youths told the police that they smoked drugs with friends from other nearby towns such as Atlit and Zichron Yaakov. In total over 100 youths were investigated.

The police said they expect further investigations and arrests.