Day 1 of TV Campaigning: All Parties Declare Victory, Lambaste Opponents

Labor MK praises New Movement-Meretz ad, which attacked Lieberman; Kadima slams Netanyahu's 'problematic and marginal personality.'

Labor Party activists and candidates watched last night's election broadcasts at party headquarters in Tel Aviv's Hatikva quarter, after canceling plans to do so at a Tel Aviv bar in reaction to yesterday's hostilities in the south.

"We received excellent feedback from professionals and others about our broadcasts," said MK Ophir Pines-Paz, who heads the party's communications headquarters. "I think we succeeded in getting across the line we've been taking since the beginning of the campaign, and that from the broadcast one can understand that we are not zigzagging, and that [Ehud] Barak is winning the leadership test."

Pines-Paz praised the ad of the New Movement-Meretz party, which attacked the head of Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman. As for Yisrael Beiteinu's ad, Pines -Paz said: "I don't understand how they were allowed to broadcast it."

New Movement-Meretz activists did get together at a Tel Aviv pub to watch the ads. "After watching the broadcasts, I am convinced that no one will watch them again," said Tzaly Reshef. "It's a waste of time and for that reason I think we were wise to use our air time to direct viewers to our Internet site, which has many campaign clips." He is in ninth place on the party's slate.

Likud officials said last night's broadcasts proved once more that Likud is headed by a strong and secure leader with the capability of facing the great challenges facing the state in the security and economic spheres, while Kadima is led by a weak politician who was a senior partner to the failures of the Kadima government.

Their rivals in Kadima had a different take. "On the day that Israel learned that Bibi sold the state to Shas and Zionism to Eli Yishai, we received another reminder of the problematic and marginal personality of Mr. Netanyahu," a Kadima figure said.