N.Y. Governor Cuomo to Visit Israel for 'Solidarity Demonstration'

The Democratic governor is expected to meet with government officials as well as civilians affected by the Gaza conflict, the Wall Street Journal reported.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and a delegation of state legislative leaders will fly to Israel Tuesday for a "demonstration of solidarity" with Israelis, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a source with knowledge of the plans.

The scheduled two-day visit will be the governor's first international trip since taking office in 2011. According to the report, the Democratic governor is expected to meet with government officials, as well as with civilians affected by the recent conflict with Hamas, the Wall Street Journal's source said.

Cuomo's trip, which had been in the works for a period now, had originally been framed as a business-centered trip - but such talk was lately supplanted by a solidarity-focused agenda, the report stated.

"This is complicated and there's pain on both sides - I get that," the governor said late last month. "But I also get that this country has a relationship with Israel that is very important, and New Yorkers do and personally I do. I've been to Israel before, I've been to Israel during times of terrorist attacks before, as a sign of solidarity."

Last time Cuomo visited Israel was in 2002, during his first, unsuccessful, gubernatorial bid.