Culture Ministry to Award NIS 25,000 to Im Tirtzu for Short Film

Watch the video that won the Culture Ministry's 'Zion U' short video competition.

The Culture and Sports Ministry will award NIS 25,000 to the Im Tirtzu Zionist group for its short film "Zionism Without Jerusalem?"

The film - produced by Im Tirtzu, which labels itself as a "centrist party" that aims to strengthen Zionism in Israel - was named the "most popular" movie in the ministry's Zionist short film competition.

The Culture Ministry initiated the "Zion U" competition as part of its campaign to promote Zionist art. More than 139 clips were submitted, 30 of which made the final cut.

Filmmaker Eric Kaufman will receive the first prize, worth NIS 40,000, for his film "Balevav Pnima" during tomorrow's ceremony.

The jury included former Likud student leader Gil Samsonov, actress Tzofit Grant and radio personality Avri Gilad, who was recently criticized for saying Islam is a dangerous virus.

In Im Tirtzu's film, which features a collage of Israeli Jewish life, the narrator asks: "Can you imagine tradition without the Kingdom of David, the Temple, without 'the Temple Mount is in our hands' and the paratroopers at the Western Wall? ... Zionism, too, considered our right to Jerusalem as the basis for our right to all the land of Israel. ... You know what happens to a building when you remove only its first floor ... and the Palestinians know that as well."

The film quotes a Fatah leader saying: "If they leave Jerusalem ... the Zionist idea will begin to crumble."

The Geneva Initiative, a group supporting a two-state solution, also submitted an entry called "Saving the Zionist Dream," which came in fifth in the "most popular" category.

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat congratulated "the creators of the winning films, who express immense talent in their work. Despite the fact that these are short films, they move the audience, make them laugh and especially portray Zionism in an original and persuasive manner."

The winning video.