Crime Boss's Daughter Gets Off Lightly for Traffic Crimes

Sarit Rosenstein, the daughter of convicted crime boss Ze'ev Rosenstein, was arrested last Thursday for driving without a license and given a six-month suspended sentence. In addition, her license was suspended for another 30 months, on top of the nine-month suspension she received in March, and she was fined NIS 2,500.

Rosenstein, who has 96 previous convictions for traffic offenses, was stopped by a policeman while driving down Tel Aviv's King George St. last Thursday. The cop discovered that not only had her driver's license been suspended, but the car she was driving lacked both insurance and a valid license. She was charged on Sunday, and did not contest the charges.

Due to her lengthy record, police asked the Tel Aviv Traffic Court to sentence her to actual jail time. However, Judge Ofer Nahari decided to give her only a suspended sentence, due to both her personal circumstances - she is the mother of five young children, and her husband is already in jail - and because this is the first time she has been convicted of driving while her license was suspended. Given these circumstances, he wrote, "It is possible to give her a chance to prove that she has learned a lesson from this incident."

The prosecution is now considering appealing the sentence.

Ze'ev Rosenstein, Sarit's father, is serving a prison sentence for conspiring to deal drugs and for planning to assassinate the Alperon brothers, from a rival underworld family.