Court to Rule on Man Suspected of Slaying Family

Damian Karlik is said to have been motivated by resentment against Edward Oshrenko and his son, Dmitry Oshrenko, who in 2008 fired him from his job at the family's restaurant.

A verdict is expected Monday in the trial of a man charged with killing six members of a Rishon Letzion family in 2009. Damian Karlik, 40, was tried in the Petah Tikva District Court on six counts of murder, breaking and entering and arson in connection with what by all accounts was the brutal murder of the Oshrenko family and an attempt thereafter to set their home on fire.

Karlik's wife, Natalya, was charged with manslaughter. In a plea bargain reached a year ago, she was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

According to the charge sheet, Karlik was motivated by resentment against Edward Oshrenko and his son, Dmitry Oshrenko, who in 2008 fired him from his job as headwaiter at the family's high-end restaurant, Premier, after accusing him of stealing bottles of alcohol from the establishment.

According to the indictment, about two months before the murders, Natalya Karlik, who was close to the Oshrenkos, copied their house key; and a month later, Damian used it to enter the family's home.

At about 2 A.M. on October 17, 2009, the indictment states, Karlik cycled to the apartment, carrying a long knife, wrist restraints and a can of gasoline. After using his key to enter the home, he found Lyudmilla Oshrenko, Edward's wife, sleeping in the living room. He stabbed her to death and covered her with a sheet. At 5 A.M., when Edward returned home, Karlik stabbed him at least 18 times, killing him. He then dragged Edward's body into the bedroom of Dmitry and his wife, Tatiana, where their son, Netanel, and daughter, Revital, were sleeping alone. Using Lyudmilla's cellphone, Karlik sent a text message to Tatiana, telling her to come home because Revital had a fever.

When Tatiana arrived, he handcuffed her, pushed her into the bedroom and ordered her to text her husband, Dmitry, to come home. When she began screaming at the sight of her father-in-law's body, Karlik stabbed her more than 30 times, killing her. He then stabbed both Netanel, 3, and Revital, 4 months, to death.

When Dmitry returned home, on his motorcycle, Karlik lunged at him and stabbed him repeatedly, shouting, "It's all your fault." Dmitry tried to defend himself and threw his helmet at Karlik, who overpowered him and killed him, inflicting at least 38 stab wounds.

Afterward, Karlik allegedly tried in vain to set the apartment on fire, stole a few thousand shekels and a few hundred dollars from his victims' wallets, took Edward and Dmitry's keys, and left, locking the door behind him.

Karlik accused detectives of coercing him into making a false confession and said a man named Walid was the real perpetrator of the crimes.