Court Rules Federman Can Return to W. Bank

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court yesterday rejected the State Prosecutor's request to bar extreme right activist Noam Federman from the West Bank until the end of his trial.

Federman was charged in the beginning of November with assaulting an officer and disrupting his work during the evacuation of Federman's house from an illegal outpost near Kiryat Arba at the end of October.

Federman was arrested during the incident but was released after the prosecution couldn't find a judge who would extend his remand. The state then asked the court to bar Federman from the West Bank until the end of his trial and impose bail on him to ensure his court appearance.

The Magistrate's Court rejected the request for restrictions on Federman and said it would rule on November 10 whether to bar him from the West Bank. The state then appealed to the District Court, which last week dismissed the appeal and said the prosecution should await the Magistrate's decision.

Magistrate's Court deputy president Shulamit Dotan ruled yesterday that the offense does not indicate that Federman poses any danger and that his acts were not very severe.

The state "totally ignores the fact that the incident took place at the defendant and his family's home, which it wanted to tear down in the middle of the night. Needless to say this is a very difficult situation to any person, which almost forces him to resort to irregular behavior," she wrote.

"They're trying to cover up for their crime, the pogrom they carried out on my house," Federman said.