Israeli Court Releases Name of Minor Allegedly Assaulted by Target of Barnoar Shooting

Binyamin Felician was the youth allegedly molested by the club director, prompting his older brother to seek revenge in a shooting spree, says the indictment.

Revital Hovel
Revital Hovel
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Revital Hovel
Revital Hovel

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday authorized the release of the name of Binyamin Felician, the younger brother of the man accused of the 2009 Barnoar gay youth club shootings, Hagai Felician.

The indictment alleges that the director of Barnoar, Shaul Gonen, sexually assaulted Binyamin Felician, a minor at the time, and that his brother, Hagai, opened fire at the center in revenge in an attempt to shoot Gonen, who was not at the club at the time. Two were killed and 10 injured in the shooting spree.

The gag order was lifted at the request of Binyamin Felician, who is now 19, and Channel 10 News. The younger Felician has denied that Gonen attacked him and insists his brother is innocent. Hagai Felician’s lawyers also wanted the name of the state’s witness in the case released. During police interrogation, Shaul Gonen signed an agreement to testify for the prosecution that he had had a sexual relationship with Binyamin. In exchange, Gonen was not charged.

“I am in a bad state [because of] the very fact that my brother is in prison, wanted for murder, when I know for a fact that he’s innocent,” Binyamin Felician told Channel 10 News. “I will never be ashamed because I have nothing to be ashamed of. And so I wanted my name released because that never happened.”

Binyamin Felician was charged in August with attempting to persuade the state’s witness to obtain a gun for him so that he could shoot a person who had been behind the torching of his car.

Hagai Felician was also charged in August with the murders of Liz Trubishi (16) and Nir Katz (26) and 10 counts of attempted murder of other teens at Barnoar on the night of August 1, 2009, when he entered the club, opened fire, and left only after he had run out of ammunition. 

Vigil for victims of Barnoar shooting.Credit: Motil Milrod