Court Orders Teachers Back to Work After Hanukkah

High school teachers will be required to report to work starting next week, after the Hanukkah vacation which will begin tomorrow, the National Labor Court ruled late last night.

Before the ruling, the striking high-school teachers said that even if the court decides to issue back-to-work orders, at least some of them were planning to not show up for work.

The court, which finished reviewing the state's request at around midnight, ruled in favor of the state's request to force the teachers to end their 49-day strike, in the framework of a struggle by the Association for Secondary School Teachers for increased wages and reforms to the education system.

Sources within the association told Haaretz before the ruling that if the court forces the teachers to come back to work, some of them would not follow the curriculum, and teach about such subjects as the right to strike, and laws pertaining to trade unions.

As the court was deliberating about the case, the attorneys representing the teacher's association said that the court was not authorized or able to decide for the organization whheter to accept the state's proposals.

"This dispute cannot be resolved in unilateral actions," the association's representatives told Haaretz. "The state is habitually neglecting each and every one of its promises to the teachers."