Court: Ch. 2 Reporter Was Wrong on Shalit Revelation

The Jerusalem Labor Court said yesterday the former Channel 2 reporter who reserved key information on captive soldier Gilad Shalit for a book he was writing exhibited seriously flawed conduct and broke his obligations toward his company.

The court published the full text of its comments on the reporter, Sliman al-Shafi, who petitioned that he be allowed to return to work.

In September it was revealed that Shafi was publishing a book on Shalit with the Yedioth Ahronoth publishing house, without having secured his bosses' permission.

One of the book's findings was a letter from Shalit to his parents. Shafi offered Channel 2 that he reveal the letter on the air if he could credit Yedioth. After the broadcaster refused, the letter was leaked to Yedioth's news site, ynet, and to competing Channel 10.

Shafi said his book comprised three kinds of stories - stories reported by Channel 2 before he wrote the book, stories rejected by the news program, and information never shared with his TV editors.

The court ruled that Shafi should have told his employers about any information he received on the Shalit matter. It said that "concealing the information and not disclosing it immediately constituted a breach of loyalty." Also, Shafi "put himself in a conflict of interest."

Shafi's attorney, Alon Diskin, said he and his client were studying the verdict.