Court Accepts Murder Suspect's Confession Obtained Under Duress

The confession of a man suspected of killing a Rishon Letzion youth last year will be accepted by the court as evidence, despite the police's aggressive interrogation of the subject, which included threats and profanity.

After interrogators told Ron Turgeman his family would be shamed in the papers and implied he would be raped in jail,

Turgeman told police he had stabbed and killed Tzachi Basha, 19.

"You don't understand that your entire family will be humiliated in the papers tomorrow," police officer Anat Katsav told Turgeman during his questioning.

"This is on your conscience. I promise to send the paper to your parents' address."

Katsav then engaged in a conversation with fellow officer, Rami Elbaz, about the possibility that Turgeman will be raped in jail.

'Questionable behavior'

"Your lawyer may use your father's money to wipe his own ass, however I don't even want to tell you what they do to asses in prison," Elbaz said.

The Tel Aviv District Court said yesterday the officers' behavior was questionable and that had it persisted, it would have been considered extortion.

However, the justices ruled that the testimony be admitted to the court.