Couple Remanded in Kid's Hit-and-run

Omri and Pnina Toren, the couple suspected of leaving after running over a 12-year-old boy with their car on Wednesday, had their remand extended by 4 days at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Police believe the couple were in the Skoda vehicle that struck the 12-year-old boy as he was riding an motorized skateboard in the town of Yehud on Wednesday. He sustained multiple injuries and is still hospitalized in serious condition at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

The vehicle fled from the scene, but eyewitnesses described its make and color to police.

Police located the car at the parking lot of a restaurant several hours later, and arrested the couple and a relative.

According to police, Pnina Toren confessed under questioning to having been the driver. She said she was frightened after striking the child, and ran.

She was later brought to the scene of the accident and reconstructed the events.

Accusations of destroying evidence

Police also believe the couple tried to destroy evidence immediately after the event.

"The suspects in the vehicle knew they had hit a child, and left the scene. They then took the vehicle to a car wash, to tamper the forensic evidence," traffic investigator Sgt. Maj. Yaniv Sharon told the court.

The couple's attorney requested they be released, saying that they were not dangerous to anyone.

Judge Gilya Ravid extended the suspects' remand by four days, noting that their release could damage police work.