Cops: Topaz Not a Suspect in Attacks on Channel 2 Execs

Entertainer Dudu Topaz is not suspected of being involved in the physical attacks on two Channel 2 executives, police sources said yesterday.

"Topaz is not a suspect in the affair, at least at this stage, and all he did was deny the rumors about him," one source said. "So his interviews to the media cannot be seen as obstructing justice."

Topaz denied on Tuesday that he was involved in the recent attacks on Reshet executive Shira Margalit, who was attacked outside her home last week, and Keshet CEO Avi Nir, who was attacked in November, both by unknown assailants.

A police officer said, however, that Topaz's decision to detail his activities on the day of the attack "could turn out to be very problematic if eventually he is questioned in the affair."

"Topaz confirms he was close to Margalit's house near the time of assault," the officer said. "This could be used as possible evidence against him. He says he happened to drive past that day, which sounds like an attempt to create an alibi.

"If he were a suspect he could be suspected of trying to coordinate testimonies through the newspaper or disclosing confidential investigation material."

Topaz's attorney, Zion Amir, strongly dismissed the suspicions about Topaz. "I think the police should be allowed to investigate this case seriously," Amir said. "In Topaz's name I reject the rumors with disgust. Topaz, like every decent Israeli citizen, denounces the shocking assaults."