Cops Recover Stolen Aliza Olmert Artwork

Paintings by the wife of former prime minister Ehud Olmert to Tel Hashomer Hospital have been recovered from the apartment of a patient's private nurse. The 54-year-old attendant was arrested Tuesday in her Givatayim apartment, where three paintings by the artist, Aliza Olmert, were found.

The hospital security department turned to the Mesubim district police force last week, when three large pictures painted by Olmert, which hung in the corridor of the hospital tower, disappeared one-by-one on different occasions. In cooperation with a Mesubim District police officer stationed at the hospital, the security department located security camera recordings of the thefts, which showed the woman removing the paintings from the walls and leaving the hospital with them. One of the hundreds of hospital patients questioned by police revealed the attendant's identity.

The Mesubim police, led by Chief Superintendent Benny Peles, undertook a search of the attendant's apartment and located the three pictures. The suspect was detained for questioning, during which she gave no satisfactory explanation for possession of the artworks.

She was brought before a judge Wednesday, where police asked for her remand to be extended.