Cops Quiz Parents Who Forgot 3-year-old in Park

The Israeli parents of a 3-year-old who were traveling in the north of the country yesterday left their son behind at Hayarden Park and realized his absence only two hours later, when they reached Tiberias.

Police officers patrolling the park noticed the child wandering alone. From their conversation with the boy, they concluded that his parents apparently left him behind by mistake.

Police bought the child sweets and refreshments while trying to locate his parents.

The boy's parents, both in their thirties, had set out for a family trip to Hayarden Park with their five children.

Once the couple noticed their son was missing, they contacted the park's administrative offices, which told them their son was safe and in police custody.

The parents were summoned to appear at the police station in the Golan Heights town of Katzrin.

An investigation is underway to determine whether the couple should be charged with negligence.

Last month, Staff at Ben Gurion Airport found a four-year-old girl alone in a duty-free shop after her parents accidentally took a plane without her.

The parents boarded the flight to Paris with four of their five children.