Cool Weather Across Israel Should Help Fasters on Yom Kippur

Children advised to wear helmets if riding bikes; a hundred people faint from fasting every year.

The weather will be kind to the millions of Israelis who will fast Monday on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Unlike in some years, temperatures are expected to be mild and even cool in mountainous areas. Cool weather is expected this evening, Yom Kippur Eve, with another drop in temperatures on the day of rest itself. Rains are, however, not expected to fall. This will make life easier for fasters, who are forbidden by religious law to drink or eat anything for just over 24 hours.

Magen David Adom emergency services nonetheless recommend that fasters drink large amounts of water before the fast, and avoid caffeine, sugar or salty drinks. The last meal before the fast should combine proteins and vegetables, which will help stave off hunger pangs for a little longer than other foods.

Magen David Adom recommends to start the post-fast meal with a light snack such as a lukewarm drink with a slice of cake or two slices of bread. Another light meal is recommended an hour after the drink and cake combo. Children - who on Yom Kippur typically take to the streets and roads in droves on their bicycles to enjoy the absence of cars, whose operation is forbidden by religious law - are advised to wear crash helmets. Some 200 children are treated on Yom Kippur every year for injuries caused through falling from rollerblades or bicycles - five times higher than on regular days. A hundred people faint from fasting every year.