Convicted Nuclear Spy Mordechai Vanunu Tells of London Honey-trap

Vanunu spent 18 years in prison for revealing Israel's nuclear secrets. He tells his story in his first-ever Israeli TV interview on Channel 2.


In his first-ever interview on Israeli TV, convicted nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu told Channel 2 on Wednesday night that he only suspected a woman he met in London of being a Mossad agent when other agents pounced on him in an apartment in Rome.

Vanunu, a former employee of the Dimona nuclear facility, spent 18 years in Israeli prison for revealing Israel's nuclear secrets to the London-based Sunday Times newspaper. Released in 2004, he has lived since then in Jerusalem under severe security restrictions.

Relating how he had met "Cindy," the Mossad operative, in London, Vanunu said: "It wasn't in a bar, it was in the street. I was crossing the road and this woman was crossing the road and we began to talk I didn't fall in love with her, but I thought things could continue. Initially, I told her she was a Mossad agent, but afterwards I forgot about it."

"Cindy" and Vanunu flew together to Rome. "It was only when the Mossad people pounced on me in the apartment in Rome that I understood, though for a moment I still thought that she was also a victim. After three days on the ship that brought me to Israel, I came to the conclusion that she was part of the plan."

Channel 2 only broadcast snippets of the interview with Vanunu on Wednesday. The full interview will be broadcast on Friday night.