Commissioner Posting Is Just One of Many Changes to Come

Danino's appointment as the next Israel Police commissioner is expected to be just one of many changes in the top ranks of the police force.

Yohanan Danino's appointment as the next Israel Police commissioner, announced on Sunday, is expected to be just one of many changes in the top ranks of the police force.

Nine police officials with the rank of major general will be stepping down, including Deputy Police Commissioner Ilan Franco, Tel Aviv District commander Shahar Ayalon, Northern District commander Shimon Koren and Jerusalem District commander Aharon Franco.

The post of Southern District commander, which Danino will be vacating, will also become available.

Others expected to leave the force include Maj. Gen. Amihai Shai, who heads the personnel department; Avi Ben Hamo, who heads the traffic department; and David Caruso, who heads operations.

It's too early to tell what the police will look like under Danino, but several brigadier generals will probably be promoted to major general. It seems as if Maj. Gen.

Yoav Segalovich, who currently heads the investigations and intelligence department, will be the big winner. Segalovich is considered a close friend and confidante of Danino. He can continue in his post if he should want to, but he will need to serve as a district commander if he hopes to succeed Danino as chief at some point, and therefore may request such an appointment.

Segalovich may choose to slide into Danino's shoes in the Southern District, where he will likely benefit from the new chief's support, or he could opt for top spot at one of the more difficult districts: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or the north.

Another possibility is that Segalovich will remain in his post as Danino starts his term, thus maintaining some stability there, and wait until Bentzi Sau finishes his term as commander of the Central District and replace him, at a later stage.

Two senior officers whose careers are worth paying attention to are the married couple Nisso and Varda Shaham.

Brig. Gen. Varda Shaham, who heads the investigations unit within the police investigations and intelligence department, is considered close to Danino and Segalovich. She is an experienced and professional officer, who may well find herself in a high-ranking post - possibly in the anti-organized crime unit Lahav 433, or Segalovich's job as head of the investigations and intelligence department.

Her husband is considered likely to be appointed to head one of the districts, possibly Jerusalem.