CNN to Return to Cable TV

The cable company HOT will be bringing back CNN next week, after a hiatus of almost two years following the signing of a new agreement with Turner Broadcasting. HOT's digital subscribers will only be able to see CNN, on Channel 74. Two other channels also owned by Turner, TCM and Cartoon Network will not be broadcasting.

HOT stopped showing CNN in November 2007 following widely publicized financial disputes with the Turner group over the cost of broadcast rights. Media market experts estimate that HOT will be paying CNN its asking price for the broadcast rights.

"I view with great importance the return of the channel to HOT and welcome the understandings reached with the Turner group," HOT director Herzl Ozer said yesterday. Ron Ciccone, outgoing senior vice president and managing director for the Middle East at Turner Broadcasting System Europe said HOT and Turner had enjoyed good relations for 17 years and was pleased that CNN would once again be available to HOT's subscribers.