Clothing Found Could Belong to Shot, Bound Tour Guide

Police have sent clothing found in a mine field near Mitzpeh Gadot, where tour guide Nir Gur was found naked and shot in the head, for forensic testing. It is not yet clear whether the clothing belonged to the guide, who had been missing for a week before he was found.

Gur remains in an induced coma with the bullet still in his head.

Last week, 230 volunteers came to Mitzpeh Gadot to help police search for evidence, but nothing was found, and the search called off after a day. Meanwhile, local police continued the hunt in suspected mine fields, where the clothing was found. Police say the search will continue, with assistance from army sappers. The weapon used to shoot Gur has not been found.

It is hoped that once Gur becomes conscious, he will be able to provide some information on his disappearance and the attack.