Clalit to Dock Pay of Doctors Who Failed to Clock in Last Month

HMO to deduct 20% of wages of 'rebellious' physicians.

The Clalit health maintenance organization is deducting 20 percent from the salaries of doctors who did not punch time clocks last month in accordance with the wage agreement signed with the Israeli Medical Association last summer. The doctors' February wages are due to be paid this morning.

Hundreds of doctors working for Clalit-owned hospital will be affected, as some 80 percent of the physicians at Schneider Children's Hospital, 70 percent of those at Beilinson and 60 percent of those at Meir and Hasharon hospitals did not punch in.

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Nimrod Glickman

Clalit announced that this was only a minimal reduction given the rate of the doctors' "absences," adding that any doctor who could prove that he worked the hours that were deducted from his salary could ask for a personal reassessment.

Government-owned hospitals, which paid their doctors last week, did not dock the pay of physicians who did not clock in. A source involved with the issue said the government could not reduce the doctors' pay because "the lists the state has regarding the scope of the 'rebellion' are not updated, while Clalit can immediately identify, through its central system, which doctors are rebelling."

Doctors in the government hospitals who are angry about having to clock in said that this month they were moving to stage two of their struggle. This month, they said, they would clock in and out, but at the same time they would also write down every single activity that they did at work and any work-related activity they performed at home, with the intent of submitting worksheets with substantial amounts of overtime on them.

Senior doctors said that if the state did not pay for all the activities that would be included in their worksheets for March, they would file individual suits against the state for withholding wages.

On Sunday, the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court heard a suit that Clalit filed against the IMA, demanding that it discipline those doctors who don't clock in. The IMA responded that the current protest was by individual doctors, and it was up to their employers to sanction them.