Cinematic Bad Boy Assi Dayan Announces TV Tell-all to Air in 2011

Son of former defense minister Moshe Dayan to pen and narrate autobiographical miniseries about famous family

Local movie star Assi Dayan has begun writing the script for an autobiographical miniseries to be aired on Channel 8 next year.

Assi Dayan hard at work on the script for his upcoming miniseries
Daniel Tchetchik

Dayan will also do the voice-over for the three-episode series, which will titled "Life as a Rumor."

The series will narrate Dayan's life chronologically from his childhood in Nahalal to a prison cell in Abu Kabir, from "He Walked in the Fields" (1967 ) to modern TV hit "In Treatment," based on archival material including movie clips, newsreels, stills and television reports.

As the son of former chief of staff and statesman Moshe Dayan, Assi Dayan will also tell the story of his famous family.

Dayan is one of Israel's most prominent cinema figures. He has won the Ophir life achievement award and has written and directed numerous films, including "Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer," "Life According to Agfa," "The Hit" ("Shlager" ) and "Mr. Baum."

"It's natural to do it on screen. It's easier to express the films cinematically than in writing a book," Dayan says.

In addition to the chronological narrative, the series will depict a "spiritual biography."

"I think I can express myself on this and explain the spiritual states in the different eras," he says. "I believe it will be quite fascinating."

Adi Arbel, who is co-directing with Moish Goldberg, says the series will deal with Dayan's family from his point of view, using producer Robert Evans' documentary "The Kid Stays in the Picture" as a model.

"It's one of the most prominent families in and out of this country, because he's had an international career," says Arbel. "Dayan's appeared in the newpapers from the age of three in 1948, when his family lived in Jerusalem, near the border, and he ran away from home across the border to the Jordanian side. At 14 he ran away in a boat to Cyprus to sell gifts his father had received, and did jail time there. He looks back at mistakes with great nostalgia, sorry he only rebelled against his father. The two are very much alike," she says.

Dayan, in contrast, says "the only thing I inherited from my father is his heartburn and impatience."

Asked if his family will be pleased by the series, the director said "he's already written about everything."

Dayan says that the series will be "the worst black comedy you could ever imagine."

The series will be produced by Amir Harel and Ayelet Kait of Lama Productions.